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Possibility to arrange various activities and trips. In the nearby village Ano Volimes you can see the traditional hand looms and can buy hand-woven materials and other needleworks. You will also find lots of traditional Greek restaurants serving fresh fish and traditional tidbits for an enjoyable local meal.
Only 4,5 km away you can find Makris Gialos beach and visit the thermal waters of the nearby beach Xigia.
Don't forget to visit the famous Shipwreck as well as the Blue Caves whose amazing sight will astound you. Swim in the blue-green waters of the Shipwreck beach that will carry you away to exotic lands.



  • Shipwreck Beach (Navagio): Uncover the iconic beauty of Shipwreck Beach, renowned for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and the rusting hulk of a shipwreck embedded in the golden sands.
  • Blue Caves Exploration: Embark on a mesmerizing boat tour to the Blue Caves, a natural wonder where the sunlight creates a dazzling display of vibrant blue hues in the cave interiors.
  • Loggerhead Sea Turtles: Witness the natural spectacle of loggerhead sea turtles nesting on the island's beaches, a unique and awe-inspiring experience supporting conservation efforts.
  • Boat Tours to Marathonisi Island: Cruise to Marathonisi, the turtle-shaped island, and relax on pristine beaches, exploring its tranquil landscapes and hidden coves.
  • Zakynthos Town: Immerse yourself in the island's history and culture by strolling through Zakynthos Town, adorned with charming Venetian architecture and vibrant squares.
  • Venetian Castle of Bohali: Hike up to the Venetian Castle of Bohali for panoramic views of the island and the Ionian Sea, creating the perfect backdrop for breathtaking photos.
  • Local Cuisine Exploration: Delight your taste buds with Zakynthian delicacies in traditional tavernas, savoring dishes like Moussaka and Pastitsio infused with local flavors.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: Dive into the underwater wonders of Zakynthos, exploring vibrant marine life and underwater caves through guided snorkeling or scuba diving excursions.
  • Keri Caves: Venture to Keri Caves and marvel at the limestone formations, arches, and tunnels, creating a captivating seascape that's best experienced by boat.
  • Sunset at Keri Lighthouse: Conclude your day by witnessing a spectacular sunset at Keri Lighthouse, casting a warm glow over the cliffs and offering a breathtaking end to your Zakynthian adventures.